Miami FC 2 v Palm Beach United: Previewing The Match

We’ve said a time or two that the NPSL Sunshine Conference schedule is funky. It’s rare for a team in any sport to go six weeks without playing a game at home. Miami FC 2 will finally get to play their third home match of the season as we enter the final stages of the 2018 NPSL campaign. Palm Beach United come to town hoping to close the door on any possible comeback for MFC2. 

It’s been an interesting week in the Sunshine Conference. With Miami United dropping points in the final moments to Boca Raton FC and Palm Beach United getting a victory in Jacksonville, the table has swung back slightly in Miami’s favor. MFC2 once again have the inside track into the second position and will look to gain ground on the first spot.

Palm Beach United returned to NPSL action and knocked off the Armada 4-2. After coming off a loss where they truly believed they should have managed a result against Miami FC 2, the United boys roared back by never letting the Armada hold a lead on Saturday. Carried by a brace from Brandon Joseph-Baudi and the game winning goal Thilo Wilke, the attack has come alive and will need to be watched closely by a Miami side that will be without Rhett Bernstein.

Keys to a MFC2 victory:

Miami’s defense will need to come up big again just like in their previous fixture against PBU. The forwards will need to play much better than in their effort against Jacksonville last week. After dropping the first match of the season, don’t expect manager Paul Dalglish to panic and hit the reset button. Yet, the midfield may be the key to unlocking the answers that lie within the PBU deployment.

Really there isn’t much we can say that we haven’t said before. Miami has been issued a red card four times in all competitions this year. Most clubs avoid earning four red cards in a season, let alone in ten matches. This game will come down to can the guys from Miami FC 2 keep their composure and wits about them for 90 minutes.


Miami FC 2 – 1 Palm Beach United

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