The Miami FC Join The Ranks Of The NPSL

Miami FC fans rejoice! The club is back! The Miami FC announced the creation of Miami FC 2 yesterday in a press release. The “2” team will play in the National Premier Soccer league for the 2018 season. Playing in the Sunshine Conference, the Miami FC NPSL squad will have to go up against local clubs Miami United, Storm F.C., Boca Raton F.C., and NASL foe Jacksonville Armada among others.

As we reported earlier, Miami Fusion will not be playing in 2018 which could have opened a spot for Miami F.C. to roll out this squad. Those who follow NPSL know that in each of the past four seasons the division always comes down to Fusion or United, as both clubs took home two league titles. MFC 2 will have their hands full in one of the best conferences in the NPSL. Should the reserve side have similar success to the “senior” roster last season, there is a U.S. Open Cup roster slot granted to the winner of the conference. This would assure the longevity of the NPSL squad for at least an additional year.

Home games for MFC 2 will be played at St. Thomas University. Per the press release, the setting will be intimate with night matches under the lights at Miami’s practice facility. Seats will be upfront and personal, so fans can get right in on the action.

We reached out to Miami FC CEO Sean Flynn and asked him a few questions regarding MFC2 and the NPSL. One of the most important ventures for NPSL clubs is the ability to get local talent to supplement their roster. When asked about possible open tryouts for MFC 2, Flynn stated that there are no plans to hold open tryouts at this point in time. Coach Paul Dalglish and his staff are still assessing the roster and if there is a decision regarding open tryouts the club would announce it in the near future.

We inquired about the possibility of bringing on players from the now defunct Miami Fusion club, to which the response was the same as above. Flynn stated that the roster is still being evaluated by Dalglish but the club does expect to have players from Miami FC participating in their NPSL matches. There were no names indicated as to which players from the “senior” roster would make appearances for MFC 2.

At first glance, St. Thomas University may have logistical concerns for match day. Flynn sought to highlight the built-in advantages.

“St. Thomas was the logical choice to play our NPSL matches,” Flynn said. “They have been a great partner since the inception of the club. We are currently working with them to develop a match day plan.”

With regards to 2018 packages, Flynn stated: “Those details will be released with the schedule in the near future.”

Miami FC taking on Miami United in a post Hurricane Irma friendly at St. Thomas University.

In unrelated NPSL news, there seemed to be speculation with the contract status of goalkeeper Mario Daniel Vega. As reported by multiple outlets, Vega had signed a contract with Paraguayan club Guarani. Flynn stated that Vega is indeed under contract with Miami FC.

“We are happy to have him and he remains a key figure in our squad,” Flynn said.

This is welcome news to supporters who had concerns about who would replace the all-time leader in games player for the Blues.

As previously reported on the Magic City Soccer Twitter account, it appears that NPSL packages are already on sale through the club. Prices seem to range from $40-$60 which include all six NPSL home games. If you want to watch MFC2 more than six times this season you are in luck. Three other clubs in the Sunshine Conference are within a 45 minute drive of St. Thomas University (Miami United, Boca Raton F.C., and Storm F.C.).


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