Make-up date announced for The Miami FC’s U.S. Open Cup quarterfinal with FC Cincinnati

The make-up date for The Miami FC’s U.S. Open Cup matchup versus FC Cincinnati that was washed out on Wednesday has been set for Aug. 2.

Miami was hit with a barrage of thunderstorms that left the game unplayable. Even if the thunder and lightning had moved past, it would be difficult to see the teams playing on the pitch at Riccardo Silva Stadium. The pitch was doing all it could and then some in order to maintain an adequate playing quality, but with five inches of rain reported and localized flooding, the game could never get started.

At first glance, there were many options available other than the agreed-upon Aug. 2 date to complete this quarterfinal tilt. July 19 could’ve worked, but sources stated the weather forecasts gave the possibility of another washout. July 22 would have also been ideal, as this would have been the “week off” in between seasons in NASL play. Unfortunately, FCC already moved a game to this date so they could schedule an international friendly with Valencia of Spain’s La Liga on July 24.

With two games in 48 hours, Cincinnati almost certainly would not agree to travel to South Florida to take on Miami FC in a meaningful match. Miami opens the NASL fall campaign on the road in New York on the July 29, so essentially the only date left for the match was Aug. 2, a date rumored since Mother Nature had other plans.

This delay likely benefits Cincinnati more than an in-form Miami squad. Cincinnati made the initial trip to Miami without three of its key players. Aug. 2 would allow just enough time to get guys back in the line up and make this a more competitive match. As for Miami, perhaps sticking to their guns with one of the aforementioned dates would have proved better. Yes, Orlando moved a previous round match by a day to allow Miami an extra day’s rest returning from Edmonton. Yes, Miami must offer a fair date to allow Cincinnati to get their accommodations and travel in order. No, I don’t believe Miami needed to pigeon-hole themselves into a possible four matches in 14 days.

From a plain-man’s view, Cincinnati got all they could have asked for out of this situation. Getting away with not playing a game with less than their best squad, allowing time for injuries to heal, and extra time to prepare for Miami. Time will tell if Cincinnati has given themselves a door to the semifinals or just postponed the inevitable.

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