Pachuca And America De Cali Clash In 0-0 Draw

The stars of Latin America shined down on Boca Raton in the late afternoon as Mexican side Pachuca took on Colombian giants America De Cali. Both teams displayed dominant spells of possession throughout the match. In a friendly that showcased many of the youth from both clubs, neither could find a goal.

First Half

America De Cali's Starting XI v Pachuca
America De Cali’s Starting XI v Pachuca


The kickoff of Fiesta del Futbol was well, a dud. With two teams known for open play and getting numbers forward, you would think the goals would be flowing. Unfortunately for the supporters of both sides it was just about the worst case scenario. The Colombian supporters outnumbered the Mexican and voiced their support loudly. 

In the 11th minute, Tuzos’ Luis Chavez got the first shot on target of the match with a blast from the outside of the box. The effort was saved rather comfortably by Cadavid. In the 15th minute, Tuzos’ would be given the first yellow card on a reckless challenge by Emmanuel Garcia. After dominating the possession game, America De Cali would get the next best effort on target.

In the 30th minute, a header by America forced Pachuca goalkeeper Blanco to make a big save as America came close to breaking the gridlock. Just ten minutes later Pachuca would get a couple of chances in the six yard box. Victor Guzman ripped a shot right at the America goalkeeper who did well to parry it away but right into the path of Raul Lopez Gomez. Raul would find the side-netting just narrowly missing.

Second Half

When both teams would return from half-time, it was Pachuca again dominating possession early on. In the 50th minute, Guzman would try to beat Cadavid again from outside the area but the America goalkeeper would not be beat. Three minutes later, Yesus Cabrera would try to open up the scoring. The America forward would blast it right off the crossbar keeping the Pachuca goalkeeper frozen. 

In the 61st minute, it seemed that America would be able to cash in a set piece from just outside the penalty area. The set piece would sail high and wide into the America’s supporters who graciously cheered the souvenir. 

In the 72nd minute, a Rabona played in by Tozus’ Franco Jara found his teammate Copete. Copete would take one touch too many and be unable to beat the goalkeeper. The game would go to end to end until the final minutes in stoppage time where America drastically tried to send their supporters home victorious. Unfortunately, Pachuca’s back-line was up to the test and the saw the game out 0-0. 

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