Florida Soccer Soldiers defeat Miami Sun FC, but game is shortened after threats to referees

It was the most highly anticipated matchup of the UPSL Florida South Division season so far. Undefeated and untied Florida Soccer Soldiers faced off with undefeated and untied Miami Sun FC. The game that started with such excitement ended with such controversy, as Florida Soccer Soldiers scored off a contested corner and the Miami Sun FC complaints reached such a fever pitch that the referees called the match more than 20 minutes early.

It was a game of teams pushing for a breakthrough until around the 70th minute. After a long shot attempt by Florida Soccer Soldiers (that did appear on replay to deflect off a Miami Sun FC player then a Soccer Soldiers player, which would normally have resulted in a goal kick) led to a corner kick, Soccer Soldiers made it count and put themselves up 1-0. Little did anyone know that would be the final touch of the match.


Even before the goal, Sun players were incensed, surrounding the referee and complaining about the call. After the goal, the complaints escalated, with players and coaches berating the head referee. After an approximate four-minute delay in which a red card was awarded to a Sun player, the referee picked up the ball, blew the whistle and walked off the pitch.

After the game, it was learned that Miami Sun’s captain physically threatened the head official. The game will count as completed, with Florida Soccer Soldiers taking all three points.

Magic City Soccer reached out to UPSL Florida for commented on the game or what may happen next. When comment is provided, this story will update.


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