Miami FC 2 v Storm FC: Previewing The Match

Tonight’s NPSL Sunshine Conference match-up shouldn’t make any supporter of Miami FC nervous. The truth is Storm FC have one point in seven games and have given up 26 more goals than they have scored (1). Realistically there is little to worry about during tonight’s contest as it’s very unlikely that Miami FC will drop points of any kind to Storm. However, this match is incredibly important when it comes to Miami’s standing in the conference table when it comes down to goal differential. 

The NPSL views the table a bit differently as they technically award playoff spots using a points per game metric. This does little to change the fact that those who earn the most points will qualify for the three team playoff in the conference. Currently Miami FC sit third in the PPG rankings at 1.875 (19 PTS, 8 GP), behind Miami United by four points but with two games in hand. Jacksonville Armada currently hold the top position amassing 2 PPG over 7 games (14 PTS).

Given Miami FC’s record, 4-1-3, they currently hold the outside track and control their destiny for the second seed. With one match left between the Armada and Miami United, a result of any kind for United would give Miami the inside track to the top slot and here is why. With three games four games remaining in the season, MFC2’s remaining opponents include Naples United (2), Boca United, and tonight’s Storm FC match.

The Armada currently have five games remaining that will be contested over the next 17 days. Their road ahead is far more difficult than United’s or MFC2. Why does that matter? This conference could easily come down to the goal differential column. For the Armada, dropping a result of any kind along the way while not amassing huge score lines, could see Miami FC win the table should they take care of their own business.

Keys To A Miami FC Victory:

The aforementioned “business” begins tonight against Storm FC. What we discussed above won’t come as news to the club’s technical staff as they surely understand what is at stake and where they sit in the table. In the previous meeting between these two clubs, Storm was routed by Miami in a seven goal blowout.

In that match, Miami struck early by using their speed and athleticism to get Jaime Chavez past the Storm defense for the first two goals of the match. Much of the action built from the wings, and it would be foolish to expect anything else from Dalglish’s men in tonight’s contest. Miami enjoys a height advantage against this storm side, so expect Tyler Polak and whoever slots in at right back to be playing balls into the technical area all night.


Miami must convert their early chances to bring this game to a close early in the first half. Allowing Storm to linger and play ten men behind the ball would be detrimental if Miami cannot amass another route. Currently Miami needs to make up four goals on differential and this is the perfect time to do it. Given that everyone should be available for the contest, expect heavy substitutions at the half as Miami looks provide minutes for it’s entire roster.

Miami FC 6 – 0 Storm FC

Tickets for tonight’s contest are still available, however, reserved seating is sold out. Bring a lawn chair and click here to get your tickets for tonight’s contest!



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