The Miami FC 2 avoids tripping up against Palm Beach United

The Miami FC 2 got back on track Wednesday night, defeating Palm Beach United 4-1 at Bobcat Field at St. Thomas University.

Palm Beach United isn’t generally considered in the top echelon of the National Premier Soccer League’s Sunshine Conference. However, they’ve managed two wins against teams who are in that top tier (Miami United and Jacksonville Armada). For the second time this season, through, Miami FC 2 was able to handle the matchup with ease.

It didn’t start that way for Miami FC 2, as it appeared Palm Beach United again had an upset in mind. In the 24th minute, a giveaway by defender Mason Trafford allowed Roberto Kachan de Freitas Soares to score and put Palm Beach up.

“We gave the ball away cheaply,” Miami FC 2 coach Paul Dalglish told Magic City Soccer after the game. “I thought we gave them a shot of energy when we gave the turnover that led to the goal. It gave them hope, really. The longer the teams can stay in the game, the better for them.”

However, the goal appeared to wake Miami FC 2 up. Less than a minute later, a brilliant Don Smart cross found Dario Suárez, who headed in to tie the match up at 1-1.

The game became a war of possession for Miami FC 2, holding the ball and looking for the right opportunity. After minute 70, it appeared they found the answer they were looking for. Three goals in a span of less than 20 minutes proved to be decisive.

Decisive goals

In the 73rd minute, Jaime Chávez grabbed another goal in the month of June, assisted by Kris Tyrpak and seriously helped along by a strong throw-in from Sean McFarlane. In the 84th minute, Shawn Chin set up Tyrpak for a goal of his own. And last but not least, Chávez was able to return the favor to Palm Beach for the defensive error that allowed their first goal. He recovered a poor clearance and grabbed yet another brace.

“That’s what you tend to find when you’re a possession team. You can keep it, you can keep it, you can make them chase and teams stay organized. Until about 70 minutes,” Dalglish said. “Then about 70 minutes, the game opens up and that’s when you get your benefits from keeping the ball.”

Dalglish declined to comment on the departure of forward Vincenzo Rennella after the game, instead focusing on the commitment of the players in Miami FC 2’s roster.c

“This is the toughest year, probably, that I’ve faced in my coaching career in terms of what we’ve had to deal with as an organization. You know, I think, in all honesty, that application that the guys have shown has been outstanding. To come out, to work like that with all that they’ve been through this year is commendable.

“For me, it’ll be very very unlikely that anybody else would come in. All the answers that we find between now and the end of the season will either be from within the squad or … local players we wind up picking up.”

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