Boca Raton FC v Miami FC 2: Previewing The Match

The Miami FC 2 are in the middle of running the NPSL gauntlet with a fixture clog that rarely happens in the leagues at the top of the pyramid. MFC2 have seemed to find their way in the NPSL and finally realized what it takes to earn victories in the Sunshine Conference. Miami will embark on the 40-mile journey up Interstate 95 and head into Boca Raton FC territory collecting wins in their previous two road campaigns. 

The Blues are currently in the middle of a 4-game road trip that has the club participating in four matches over eleven days. We’ve discussed the last two matches against Palm Beach United and Storm FC and how the NPSL can often call for a difference in tactics and approaches depending on the opponent. While each opponent is unique, at times the conference has proven that there are very little to no similarities in the fixtures as some may find in the USL or MLS.  

Boca Raton FC will come into this match with something prove against the sunshine conference heavy weight. There has been quite a bit of shade being thrown around by clubs such as Palm Beach United and Boca Raton FC with regards to Miami’s payroll and use of professional players in the NPSL. Perhaps this was a tactic used in order to heighten urgency in their own clubs, hopefully for Boca the tactic will prove that it did not cause a stir in the Miami FC locker room.

Jim Rooney (Miami Fusion) manages Boca Raton FC and has brought the team to level footing after dropping their first two matches against Miami United and Jacksonville Armanda. Boca has proven that it can take care of teams at their weightclass and below by beating Naples and blowing the doors off of Storm FC. Matheus Ayrolla is the man to watch tonight for Boca, as the Lynn University product is coming off a hat trick in his last match.

Keys To Miami FC 2 Victory:

For Miami to collect all three points in this match, they must play in a controlled and discipline manner. Boca Raton have proven to the Sunshine Conference “dark-horse” and could easily find themselves in the third place slot at the end of the season by earning a few upsets. Mental mistakes and meltdowns that result in red-cards will doom Miami FC’s chances of collecting a vital three points.

The aforementioned Ayrolla, is the key to the offense for Boca. Keeping him closely marked will insure that Miami keeper Daniel Vega has a quiet night. On the flip side, Miami will need performances similar from what was shown on Wednesday as Manny Gonzalez and Tomas Greco dominated the play in the midfield. Providing possession and forcing Boca to chase the play, the duo could easily allow for the pace of wingers Kris Tyrpak and Don Smart to wreak havoc all night. With a resurging presence in the midfield (something not seen earlier this season), the play has been able to link from the defense to the strikers up front. In what looked like an homage to the style of play under Nesta, Paul Dalglish has seemed to find Miami’s next gear.


Boca Raton FC 1 – 3 Miami FC 2


Tickets are still available for tonight’s match. You can get your tickets by visiting Boca Raton’s website and clicking here.

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