Neymar Jr’s Five coming to Miami for qualifiers, before United States final

Neymar Jr’s Five, a worldwide five-a-side tournament organized by the Brazilian superstar and Red Bull, will be coming to Miami for a qualifier this Saturday, with an encore performance and much more on the line just three weeks later.

The tournament is hosting qualifiers in 61 countries on six continents. In the United States, there are 17 qualifiers looking for teams to participate in the national final. On Saturday, there will be mixed and women’s qualifying at Urban Soccer 5 in Miami. 

The winner of those tournaments will have a home-field advantage of sorts, as all of the qualifiers will travel to Wynwood Market Place in Miami for the national final on June 8 and 9.

International competition

Winners of national tournaments will travel to Brazil and play in the World Final at the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr, Brazil on July 21.

The rules for this tournament are unique. Each match is 10 minutes. Each team can have up to seven male or female players, but only five play at a time. Because it’s a small-field competition, there’s no goalkeeper. When a team gives up a goal, they lose a player. The team that is leading after 10 minutes or can still field a player wins.

If you are interested in the Miami qualifier, you can visit the Facebook page here.

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