The 2018 Miami Soccer Calendar!

As you’ve heard Miami may not have a team in the “Pro” leagues this year but that does not mean that there is no soccer to enjoy throughout the Magic City. This season the hardcore soccer fan can take in as many as 19 regular season games between the months of April and July. Miami FC 2, Miami United, and FC Miami City will each have a home slate plus additional games that are played within a 45-minute drive.

Here at Magic City Soccer, we have laid down the groundwork for you with our 2018 Soccer Calendar that you can download below. The file is compatible on both iOS and Google Calendar, however, you may need to tweak the entries just a bit for those of you on androids. Please keep in mind that dates and time are subject to change and we will do our best to update the calendar as these announcements are made.

Don’t forget there will be at least four Miami based teams in the U.S. Open Cup competition in 2018. Red Force, FC Kendall, FC Miami City, and Miami United will likely square off against each other in the first round. These games will be played on May 9th and possibly May 10th. As information is released by U.S. Soccer, we will have it here on your home for soccer in Miami!

Get Your 2018 Miami Soccer Calendar Today!

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