The Miami FC requests meeting with U.S. Soccer Federation head to discuss Open Cup

In an apparent last-ditch effort to gain entry into the 2018 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, The Miami FC CEO Sean Flynn sent a letter to U.S. Soccer Federation president and fellow Miami resident Carlos Cordeiro.

In the letter, Flynn requests a meeting with Cordeiro between March 19 and 23 to “discuss [Miami FC’s] request” to allow Miami FC 2 to participate in the 2018 Open Cup and “the general state of our game.”

In the letter, Flynn disclosed that Miami FC submitted paperwork to participate in this year’s Open Cup in December. However, that was before the USSF officially moved to not sanction the North American Soccer League — the home of Miami FC — in January.

Flynn also shares that the federation did not communicate with the club about its application before teams were formally released on Wednesday.

In the letter, Flynn appeals to Cordeiro using Miami FC’s cup run last season, the damage missing the cup would do to Miami’s fan base, and a subtle reference to the promotion/relegation argument the club has been making for months.

Flynn’s letter follows a letter written by New York Cosmos owner Rocco Commisso on Thursday touching on many of the same themes.

It’s not clear what impact this could have on the U.S. Soccer Federation, but as the club gets ready to start its preseason slate of games on Sunday, it’s apparent it’s not going out of the Cup without a fight.



  1. Steve

    NPSL had a qualifying practice that Miami FC 2 was not part of. The USOC doesn’t allow II teams to begin with. So I have no idea what the hell Miami FC is even arguing or has any leg to stand on. That Miami FC 2 is really Miami FC and therefore should be left in cause??? Even though there is no NASL? I can see why the USSF is done with Silva, Rocco, and the NASL’s bs.

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