Sunshine Conference source: Miami Fusion F.C. folds, U.S. Open Cup spot goes to Miami United F.C.

Miami Fusion F.C. — which was founded in 2013 and won the National Premier Soccer League’s Sunshine Conference in 2017 — has folded, per a source close to the conference.

The team has not been listed on the NPSL’s website for weeks, and no updates have come from the team’s website or social media accounts.

Per the source, Miami United F.C. — which finished second in the Sunshine Conference in 2017 — will take the conference’s coveted U.S. Open Cup spot.

The team was founded in 2013 and first played competitively in 2015. It won the first of its two Sunshine Conference titles that season.

Magic City Soccer writer Drew Housman contributed to this report.

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